The system of the 4 Ases

4 as systemMany times it is necessary to know everything about roulette systems or methods to beat roulette, the most important is power play, but not forward this method or system is much easier than before.

This tells us that if they should leave the following numbers 4,2, 6, 35, 33, 25, 7, 11, 9, 3 do not try to stop the ball then let it go betting to No. 4 after the 2 to 6 and 35 but if it fails to pass and none of these numbers miss the ball back and start again.

Note that if you pass and bet on number 7 and number that follows should not forget that not bet more than four numbers that take into account risk taken is to us our money you can lose.

This system is also known as system level as well as being played normally also be playing a cycle or run after that you will be the only one who will decide which of these systems serve and what is the best way to implement this system in the game.

Something to know is that you always win in this system although it is very easy to master a certain number of times the losses are really the minimum we believe.

The “Collective” Roulette System

roulette collective systemThis type of system into two parts if you start betting begins at 10 numbers according to how the table is the amount of numbers that are playing are only 10 and how many chips are 1 so that the balance is 26.

Then the amount of numbers to play is 15 the number of chips to bet is 1 so that the balance is 11 then it follows that the quantity of numbers is 20 and that the amount of chips to bet is 1 and the balance is 7 left the zero side begins recovery based on the system with positive balances.

Whenever we are in stages of the game as this is necessary that we get to start the game and at least 10 number, then 15 and later and until 20, he explained that the proceeds are given depending on where it is then the balance will show that it is the collective law specifically.

This indicates that the system leaves the number Assume 1EN roulette and add another number 1 with his 2 neighbors on the left and the other 2 neighbors on its right side, so bet on 15 numbers, a card for each of these numbers, so we will do this to cover a maximum of 20 numbers.

Slowly but surely System

slow but sure roulette systemTo be sure, the game of roulette does not contract after no consistent or perfect pattern in turn, summarized this means that if you drop the ball once in a place of roulette does not mean that same ball again this fall in the same position.

You really need to understand in its entirety because this system is simple but sometimes we try to get caught up with this is to cover the cloth with betting 3 to 1 in this dozens and columns.

Because if the ball fall to reach anywhere on the roulette and specifically in any of the 16 issues that lie most of the bets thing to note is that if the ball were to fall in retail can bet to lose the same amount of money wagered.

The following is the way to bet with this system, the first thing you should do is invest more than 100 chips, something to build upon is that you can bet 10 chips in each column is necessary to take into account the last number just came out.

Betting system on bingo

bingo betting systemThe bingo game is one of the most discussed at the international level, big bets are the chances we can get in this game that delivers profits famous worldwide and every day thousands are people who accept him as their preferred discipline.

It is for this that in this game like there are some systems that have provided various results proposed why we must take into account the systems listed below.

Because the bingo game is full, it contains similarities to other casino games at the best option is to implement it at online because it is easier to apply and the automated system informs you about the successes at the time of completing a given round game, it is clear that applying conventional level is also true but you can make your best choice.

Because online bingo level consists of choosing a certain amount of select ballots ideally in a row, the second round to select only even numbers for the third round to select only odd numbers.

After applying these three rounds, taking into account the number of ballots to choose should do the above procedure but the number applying from largest to smallest, so we’ll be setting one of the most complete systems in the famous bingo which provides us with excellent results .

What is the Fortress System in Roulette?

This consists of waiting for the numbers that are repeated within a sequence to bet on them.

roulette fortress systemOnly must bet full by the numbers that have been repeated 1 time, movement to movement, until one of them is repeated again and put the balance of our side in terms of chips, once achieved the goal, it starts a new game sequence without considering the above sequence repeats.

The following are some examples of this system gives us several numbers and is repeated is the one in red in this case is 12 then you should do is bet on this number shot to shot until the game and balance of the game is put on our side as we said earlier.

Remember that the proceeds from the winning move must compensate for earlier losses after the previous play is restarted a new sequence in which the winning number must be 34 to thus obtained are the net profits of 9 tiles .

Always good to apply new things to our forms of gambling not just in places like this is information about tricks or strategies that will serve but also to be found in books as well as the roulette systems.

Rules and betting systems

rules bettingWhen the terms are related rules and systems in our environment we are doing relates different stages of betting, in the world of online casinos and conventional rules and the same for the systems are being matters of great attraction for thousands of people.

A rule consists of certain actions to carry out a specific task and a system is a set of rules with a specific purpose in obtaining the best results in both table games and electronic and manual of the wide variety of categories that exist in our world.

Both the rules and the systems are discussed by experts and practitioners in the betting, but so there are both positive and negative comments surrounding these two aspects and for this reason we must be aware that the stakes are very complex estates to which must enter a studious and analytical way of achieving the desired results.

The stakes in this highly competitive world of results have been actuated to become great results and possibilities for thousands of people.

But cases are known in which members of various non-gaming related rules and desist generating systems in the game to become an imminent and finally sweep the money has been allocated as budget.