Bingo in History

Bingo in History
Of the most popular gambling bingo is probably the simplest, but at the same time, it is both one of the most pleasant and warm. Participate in a bingo has always had an air of widespread social integration. Unlike the casino, in which the environment is always hectic and competitive, bingo is a very relaxed atmosphere.

Many studies indicate that bingo is an heir to an Italian game called Lotto (lottery). This game was played in the Italian peninsula back in the sixteenth century and was an entertainment poppolo il. Subsequently, the Italian immigration USA, a visionary exported the idea and followed him from then on can be traced to the present.

Bets on Bingo today live an encouraging spring, thanks to the game gained momentum with the introduction of online gambling.

However, at no stage have made the history of this fun game can be glimpsed too radical changes in regard to the rules and operation of the game. In fact, both standards as well as the mechanism governing the course of the game, remarkably, have managed to remain unchanged over time.

A very worthy and laudable. A game that has maintained a core and a single purpose, to become a legitimate pastime, conquering space and recreation time of people all the time and place assigned for his free time, contributing to integration and dialogue between participants.

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