The dark side of the world

The dark side of the world
The avant-garde aesthetic erected in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century that preceded the reference to the new order, lighter and ideology, which culminated in the last century in which we currently operate. These vanguards had initiated the course of their lives reacting to what they thought was a figuration in condemning the closure subject to which they were proposed as an escape. A break from reality through artistic expression.

The avant-garde aesthetic pure color used their brushes to break the dull reflection of reality. The life of common man is, by definition, a two-way to the dull routine. And the same opacity is expressed in the arts, in literature, in science. Away from the glare of the previous centuries, the man now lives in a fragmented existence that uses pieces of reality to put together a sketch of completeness.

Among the passions that still crackle in the bottom of his soul one can, with joy, watching the game. Gambling is a journey in time. A world of competition, nerves and excitement among the faint flashes figures that surround it. The game is a haven for the soul, which man should not resign itself to lose. A place where passion is welcome, which is legitimate even angry, happy, excited.

Details like this, return to the subject at a level of reality with renewed vigor. A new existence, to recover the brightness and colors to paint with all the fun game that is still in us.

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