The third type

The third type
Contrary to popular belief, there are two types of roulette but three. Are the two most frequently mentioned site as we look online roulette, French roulette and American roulette, and there is a third type, less mented, but equally remarkable, as also carries its history, tradition and enjoys a certain popularity, the English roulette.

The vicissitudes of fate or the meanness of certain factions that the universe playful hegemonized betting, casino games and the world of chance, roulette confined to the English to a certain ignorance on the part of the general public an injustice in this article we humbly remedy, as the English roulette also deserves a place on the podium of the best games ever in the casino.

We know, however, that the French Roulette has been so great acceptance within the European continent than most casinos in this country have adopted it as their own. So much so that even in some places is known as European roulette (as opposed to American roulette).

Even most sites online casino games have versions of French Roulette.
We also know what is the vital difference between French and American roulette. But what we know of the English wheel, the mysterious third type is now trying to dig the dust of oblivion?

English Roulette is to start with a different aspect, as the cloth as the dress is blue. It’s no external color combinations, odd or even, more or less, and so on. Exist only inside bets.

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