Final letter in Texas poker

Many discussions have taken on this subject which cards are to be kept until the end in PokerTexas, quite apart from the letters that are on the table.

Final letter in Texas pokerMany professional players and experts have discussed the matter, and whether it has a listing based on a combination of views and experiences, ultimately the cards to be kept until the end in a hand of poker Texas are: The pair of aces (AA ), the pair of kings (KK), the pair of queens (QQ), the pair of Jacks (JJ) and is aska (AK).

But the question is how reliable these combinations will lead to the end, I could be at least safe environment so to speak, most agree are definitely the best hands, but should, in combination of the letters that go out on the table.

Of course if the board goes to open one of the cards you have in hand, will become a success almost certain, that is if you have a couple of k, and is third in table, the outlook is extremely favorable.

But as we said is a good start to have these combinations in the hand but must be accompanied by a very good consistency and skill in the game, probably be enough for novices, but believe that poker is never nothing, so I know have is good, know how to use is much better, aduiere experience and get the best results with this great system.

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