Linear Betting System in Roulette

Linear Betting System in Roulette
Roulette as the ultimate expositor of prestige in various casinos in the world has become equally in the discipline in which bets can make hundreds of internal and external and is now infinite number of systems that exist in order to support as the best .

For the above which then exposes one of the betting systems that generated this great revolution in the leisure category that provides benefits and advantages to anyone who implements it.

The system also T’s and L’s or recognized as the linear system roulette betting has become one of the major attractions.

It’s an execution of a gamble both in a row and a column, of course the betting options are 3 columns and rows are 12, for this reason the first three columns should be associated with 4 rows to thereby form groups of 1 X 3 and 36 / 3.

The bet is simple to implement and in your thinking and innovate the system is the idea of Amenta the value of each of the rounds that were formed, we started, eg

We bet the first column and first row, in step two bet on the first column and second row and so on through twelve bets.

Then choose the column number 2 and the first row and in this way until the twelve bets and continuously until twelve complete play of the third column.

In total we will be betting 36 rounds and the key is the same as in making bets with different values, which will increase the ability to pay by 96%.

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