Roulette Outside Bets

Roulette Outside Bets
In addition to simple luck, which as it was explained in other letters, are paid by the casino, according to the probabilistic relationship between the payment and the probability that takes the bet, 2 to 1, other types of outside bets:

The column bet, through which you can play for one of three designated columns on the roulette cloth, whose commitment is performed by placing the ad in the place assigned for each of the three columns, pays 3 to 1.

Something similar happens with the dozen bet. Unlike the column, here is easier to establish which of the three dozen part number has been winning. For the first dozen consists of the numbers 1 through 12, the second by going from 13 to 24 and the third by the numbers between 25 and 36. In the case of the column urging a visual record of the table to see if the number of the box in which he placed the ball is part of the first, second or third column.

They are also usually considered outside bets zero and double zero (the latter only exists in the so-called American roulette). This consideration is absolutely arbitrary, since ua bet on zero or double zero functions like full house and have resulted drawn, pays 35 to 1.

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