Rules of good poker player (Part 1)

good poker playerAll those who play poker know the rules probably memory, plus tables and combinations, until we know the percentages for each game, which seems hard but some players will dominate.

There is a rule which are not written, but just as important as san for the game, we refer to the gunwales of label, to those of the good player that makes a poker player in a fine and distinguished player and win or lost.

The first rule to take is not rushing to our hand, that is not playing at the wrong time, or play out of turn, there are times when careless or vehemence, we commit this error, you can also play in balancing the hassle can cause other players to avoid such problems, we must be very attentive to the game and follow the pre-shift.

Another thing that can happen if we hurry, is to give information to other players that can influence the game in a decisive manner.

In Texas hold’em poker career is often that we quickly in one hand, and even though we are on the table and not play this hand, the position he should take a good poker player is to opt for silence, some players just Game starts out talking about the game they had.

In addition to being forbidden is in bad taste because that information might influence and favor one or another player, it’s best to keep quiet so a player insists, and when we say silence, we also refer to gestures or movement that could lead to some information.

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