What is the Fortress System in Roulette?

This consists of waiting for the numbers that are repeated within a sequence to bet on them.

roulette fortress systemOnly must bet full by the numbers that have been repeated 1 time, movement to movement, until one of them is repeated again and put the balance of our side in terms of chips, once achieved the goal, it starts a new game sequence without considering the above sequence repeats.

The following are some examples of this system gives us several numbers and is repeated is the one in red in this case is 12 then you should do is bet on this number shot to shot until the game and balance of the game is put on our side as we said earlier.

Remember that the proceeds from the winning move must compensate for earlier losses after the previous play is restarted a new sequence in which the winning number must be 34 to thus obtained are the net profits of 9 tiles .

Always good to apply new things to our forms of gambling not just in places like this is information about tricks or strategies that will serve but also to be found in books as well as the roulette systems.

There’s also a martingale that on several occasions and has been effective since many people in the highest economic summit and the best of everything positioned the best players of roulette and gambling in general.

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